10 Most Toxic And Dangerous Foods That Cause Cancer!

Whatever nutritionists say, you need to know that the truth is that these are not “genuine” nutrition. These ingredients have been exposed to excessive preparation and are loaded with fixing made from man, which makes them very unrecognizable compared to their unique shape that makes it hard even for the body to know what to do with them. A group of studies reveals that frequent consumption of this food can lead to a lethal develop that does harm to your health.


Maybe it doesn’t look dangerous, but when taken into the body, it influences the body the same as sugar. It pressures the pancreas and causes misbalance of the insulin levels to the extent that your body is sent into fat-storage mode.

Every nutritive value of wheat is being lost during the processing. It loses the most of the fibers too. The wheat only is not bad, but the processing makes the resulting products bad, and that’s why you should avoid it.


It’s very often considered to be the number one enemy. It’s the main reason of obesity and diabetes. It is also very bad for the pancreas,the liver, and the digestive system generally. Consuming sugar also compromises the nervous system for up to 50%.

However, you should keep in mind that not every sugar is the same. Natural sugars found in fruits or honey, as long as they are consumed in moderate amounts,are beneficial.


We’ve spent all of our childhood thinking that we should drink milk if we want to have strong bones. The nutritionist Patrick Holford says that getting older, we are losing the ability to digest lactose, the main component of milk.

That’s why milk causes bloating, food intolerance, causes inflammatory illnesses and provides acidic environment in our body.

The most unsatisfying fact is that drain is treated with chemicals, hormones, warmth, anti-infection agents and additives. Instead the regular milk, try using the almond, coconut or rice milk which are more nutritious and are simpler to process.


Donuts are prepared from unhealthy ingredients like trans-fat, white flour and white sugar. This is a very dangerous combination, not only for your body shape, but also for the health of your heart. Furthermore, eating trans-fat and sugar is connected to significantly increased risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Fast food

The name itself says that this food is prepared in a fast way, and that’s what makes it bad for our body.Not counting the highly processed meat, saturated fats and sodium.


The nutritional content of sodas is zero and hey are no good for your health. These drinks are high in sugar and chemicals that lowers the level of the supplements in the organism.

A study published by The Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention showed that drinking 2 soft drinks in a week doubles the danger of pancreatic growth.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, an American specialist and a creator in New York Times, claims that there are ten teaspoons of sugar in only one container of pop and 30 to 55 mg of sulphites, manufactured sustenance huesandcaffeine.

The pop forms corrosive in the body that spends the key mineral stores and weakens the bones. There is scientifically confirmed relation between consuming pop and diabetes and stoutness. It’s also proven that consuming soft drinks trap the cerebrum into thinking that the body is ingesting sugar, and that affects the digestion system and triggers longings for even more sugar.

Processed meat

Processed meats are full with sodium and nitrates, that much that they become dangerous for the body. The American Institute for Cancer Research found that consuming processed meats is connected to increased risk of colon cancer. When absorbed, the nitrates are turned into nitrites and then cause formation of nitrosamine, a chemical that is the cause of cancer.

Potato crisps

When exposed to high temperature, foods are forming acrylamide and can be carcinogen. Dale Hattis, a research professor at Clark University in Massachusetts claims that the acrylamide is responsible for numerous cancer cases in America on a yearly basis. Potato crisps are high in salt and fat, which means that they contain great amounts of sodium which is responsible for increasing the blood pressure and the levels of cholesterol, leading to increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

A 2005 study published in The Cancer Science magazine revealed that diet that is high in salt leads to gastric cancer.

Canned soups

Canned foods are full with salt. Despite the fact that often they are confused with healthy food, many cans of soup contain up to 890 mg of sodium. That is the full daily recommended dose.

When the body has more sodium than it needs, it retains water, and this increases the blood pressure and puts stress on the heart, thus leading to heart attacks.


Margarine is a processed fat that contains trans-fats which cannot be processed by our body. It causes damage to the blood vessels because it increases the level of cholesterol. Foods that are not natural, when ingested by our body, create toxic burden to our system, and put huge stress to the liver. The Natural Health Hub recommends avoiding the fake butter margarines and consuming some natural food as a substitute.

Source: www.healthiestuniverse.com

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