10 Warning Signs That Your Body Needs Water

It’s not only said that water is the essence of life: Human’s body can survive without food for several days, but it cannot survive without water more than 72 hours.

Although keeping our body hydrated is very important for many essential body functions and processes that happen in our body,

If our body is hydrated we feel full of energy, we are active and happy. The right amount of water in our body regulates the proper balance of hormones in our body and elevates our mood. These are some of the many health benefits of drinking water regularly:

  • The body fluids are in the right balance
  • Regulates and maintains body temperature
  • Waste products and toxins are eliminated
  • Digestion is promoted
  • Energy release due to calorie intake is controlled
  • Our skin is hydrated and youthful.
  • Tissues, spinal cord and joints are protected
  • Our joints and eyes are lubricated

Despite knowing all of this, very often we forget to take the regular amount of water daily. We should take this seriously since it can results in an alarming health issue, especially now during the summer – dehydration.


Clinical Definition of Dehydration

Dehydration refers to a deficit of total body water, with an accompanying disruption of metabolic processes. Dehydration essentially is an indicative of water deficit that may disrupt these routine bodily functions.”


Check out the 10 warning signs that may help you act in time, but also prevent further complications:

1. Constipation and digestive issue

2. Dryness in your mouth and bad breath

3. Accelerated heart beat

4. Painful muscles and joints

5. Headaches and dizziness

6. Sudden food cravings

7. Brain fog or poor concentration

8. Fatigue and lethargy

9. Decreased need for urination and change in urine color

10. Dry lips and skin



There are many factors that determine the amount of water you need. Those are your overall health, the climate ,your physical activity and many others.

Healthy diet (consummation of lot of fruits and vegetables), regular exercising and good sleep are the three main essentials for an excellent health condition of course in combination with the right amount of water.

The loss of water in your body can disrupt the metabolic cycle and hormonal balance in your body, thereby disturbing the longevity of your health. If you notice any of the  above mentioned symptoms such as an increased or decreased heart rate, dry throat, nausea, less urination, headaches or sore throat, you need to consult your doctor and ask for advice.

Source: www.healthyfoodhelp.com

Photo credit: naturalsolutiontoday.com

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