2017 Numerology Prognosis: Find Your Number And See What Is Expecting You In The New Year!

Your biorhythm number can tell you what will happen in 2017 in your love life, professional career and health life. You can calculate this number by adding the number of your birth date to the number that represents the month you were born in (without the number of the year) and convert them into a single number.

Here is an example: The biorhythm number of the people born on 26th of December (12.26.) is as follows:

26 + 12 = 38
3 + 8 = 11
1 + 1 = 2

Their number is 2.  Find your number and read your numerology prognosis:

Numerology prognosis for number 1

You’re entering a year in which you will enjoy the products of your hard work. All aspects are in your favor, but you must release your fears and the things that hold you back, to canalize your ego and your self-conceit.  There is a great possibility for problems related to documents. As to your health condition, pay attention to liquids in your body – there is a possibility of problems caused by the moon phases in the year.

Numerology prognosis for number 2

Everything you will experience throughout the next year, whether it is good or bad, you will experience it in a more powerful way. The thing that will highlight your 2017 is hedonism and laziness. On one side you will travel more than usual, but on the other side you will leave over your business responsibilities. If you make a good contact with some foreign partners you won’t experience a crisis. You may have problems with gaining weight so pay attention on your diet and lower the intake of fats.

Numerology prognosis for number 3

2017 will be a year of destruction and stress. You may experience everything that will be happening to you in a more stressful way that it really is. There might be less problems at your workplace and in your love life. The only way to achieve your goal on your workplace is to make the order, hard work and discipline part of your daily routines. It is very recommendable you start the year by doing some physical activities / exercising because it is the only way to deal with stress. Be aware of chronic diseases.

Numerology prognosis for number 4

This is an excellent period for promotion and gaining new skills and knowledge. During 2017 you will have to face your fears and frustrations from the past. Although it is very difficult, it is the only way to upgrade your private and work life. This is an excellent year for those working in management and marketing . Stomach problems and lungs problems are possible.

Numerology prognosis for number 5

All people born in this number will have an absolutely amusing year, especially when it comes to love and emotions. People who have been single for a longer period of time might enter a serious relationship during 2017. This could even end in marriage. 2017 will also be a fertile year for women: they can hope to get pregnant. You can expect improvement in your family relations and job promotion especially if you work with art. This is due to the positive influence of the biorhythm number.

Numerology prognosis for number 6

A tough year awaits you. A lot of stress and sudden events related to your emotions and love life. People in long relationships may suddenly decide to get out of it. On the other side those who are involved in a shorter relationship may get married with a person they barely know. All of these sudden events in your life can cause a lot of stress, so it is highly recommendable to start meditation. You may have problems with the spine.

Numerology prognosis for number 7

The previous year has been full of challenges. The good news is that 2017 will be a relief . You will finally release from the mental blockings and start a psychophysical regeneration. As a result from this you will have to accept new circumstances and new people. Don’t go back to your old habits and surroundings. 2017 is excellent for work.

Health: Those people who have sports or any kind of injury may expect healing.

Love: There is a great chance you suddenly fall in love.

Numerology prognosis for number 8

You should take advantage of the beginning of the year in order to make a retrospective to all of your experiences from 2016. It is very important to learn  a moral from everything that has happened to you. Don’t be mad, self-conceited and angry since a year of a forgiving and leaving behind all bad habits is in head of you. The bad news is that 2017 will be a year of endings, not a year of new beginnings. So you’ll get rid of all your problems but won’t start anything new. Even if you want to start something new in your love life or in your job don’t do it. Wait for a better time to come. It is a great year for making new contacts and travels.

Numerology prognosis for number 9

Congratulations! The magical circle you entered the previous year will be disrupted and you will finally start turning new pages in your life. It’s essential to make a good foundation. The energy of your biorhythm number is enormous so you have to use it smartly for the new beginnings. Don’t let anyone or anything change your mind or manipulate you. Don’t be self-conceited, forgive and accept new people become a part of your life.

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