5 Eating Habits That Are Lethal and That You Should Not Do After Finishing Food. # 4 is The Most Lethal  


Food, food, food, is the essence of our existence. It is the fuel that gives us energy throughout the day and it’s very important to consume food that has the nutrients we really need. The food we eat, directly influences our health. So next time you go to the supermarket, be careful what you choose.

Unfortunately , a lot of people develop bad eating habits. So it’s very important to know what to do or not do before or after having a meal. Some of the bad eating habits can result in various aches or diseases.

These are some of the eating habits you should certainly avoid.  It is very obvious that no one can eliminate a habit overnight, but try to be consistent and you can achieve your goal.

5 bad habits that you should avoid doing after eating


If you are surrounded by smokers, or you are a smoker yourself, you must know that smoking is a very common thing after eating.

The body uses a lot of oxygen for digesting the food. When you smoke, nicotine binds to the oxygen necessary for the digestion. As a result, there are greater chances of developing carcinogenic diseases.

Consuming fruits

The digestion of fruits is not the same as that of other foods. The body uses special enzymes to digest fruits and take advantage of their nutrients. That’s why nutritionists and doctors recommend  eating fruits on an empty stomach, in order to take the best advantages of their nutrients such as fiber and sugars.

The natural sugar present in fruits means that more time is needed to process them.

However, if we consume them after eating, we can suffer serious consequences like heartburn, indigestion, and belching.


According to research, if you go to bed right after eating you may suffer swelling, discomfort, swelling or other sleep problems. The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ioannina conducted a study about this. The results showed that those who stayed for a while before going to bed after eating had less risk of suffering strokes. Ideally,  don’t go to bed at least 1 hour  after eating.

Taking a bath

While we are having  a bath, our bodies get we and the temperature of the body changes abruptly.

In order to balance the temperature, the body changes the direction of blood flow to reach the skin. As a result, we have less blood to help the body digest food. This slows down the digestion process or the process is unfinished.

Drinking tea

Many cultures have the habit of drinking tea after eating. However, this habit can cause some serious damage to our bodies.

One of the main compounds in tea is tannic acid. This binds with the iron in the body and the one that provides the food. As a result, the process of digestion becomes very difficult. It can be very harmful  especially to people who suffer from anemia.

If you have some of these eating habits, try to avoid them until you‘ve completely eliminated them. They aren’t doing you any good.

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