5 mistakes we make every day when taking a shower

The time for taking a shower can be the most relaxing thing we do in a day. However, most of us do it wrong. Although some of you would not agree that there is such thing as taking a shower incorrectly, you must follow certain rules to maintain your skin healthy. These are the five most common mistakes we do when we take a shower:


5.Washing for too long


Long showering tends to dry out the skin, just like hot water. This can result in redness of the skin, rashes and itching. The longest time of taking a shower should not extend 10 minutes.

4.Frequent use of foamy gels and body washes


Foamy shower gels and shampoo indicate that they contain more superficially active substances. These substances can decrease your natural protective oil layer, making your skin rough and dried out. Unless you use some product for medicinally purposes, there is no need to use shampoo or shower gels daily.

3.Using old and wet sponges


Wet sponges are the ideal environment for mold growth and bacteria. It’s best to change them every 4 weeks and dry them after use. Instead of using sponges try using a towel or a terrycloth mitten.

2.Overly enthusiastic drying


Use a soft towel to dry your body. Leave your skin a bit moist to stay hydrated and then use your favorite cream. In this way your skin will be well hydrated, healthy and smooth.

1.Overly hot water


Hot water tends to make the skin dry and flaky. It increases blood flow which often leads to rashes, inflammation and erythema. The perfect water temperature for taking a shower is 35-40°C.

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