KNOW YOUR LEMONS Viral photo of 12 lemons reveals 12 signs of breast cancer EVERYONE should know – and it’s more than just a lump

Cancer is an inevitable topic when it comes to deadly diseases nowadays. Breast cancer is the second most common cause of death for women – and the numbers are unfortunately rising. Prevention is very important and knowing these 12 key signs can be life saving.

THIS image of 12 lemons may seem like nothing more than just a tray of citrus fruit.

This viral photo has been shared more than three million times on facebook and it could save your life.

breast cancer

This image, presenting 12 different lemons reveals the 12 different signs of breast cancer. It visually shows women what the disease could look like.

Women must check their breasts each month for signs of breast cancer. Experts advise that these regular checks should start in our 20s.

Unusual lumps and bumps are evident and many women would notice them. However, there are 11 other symptoms what you should be aware them:

They are:

  • skin erosion
  • skin that looks like orange peel
  • a thick mass
  • an indentation
  • a bump
  • redness or heat
  • a growing vein
  • an inverted nipple
  • new fluid from the nipple
  • dimpling
  • a change in size or shape
  • an invisible lump under the skin

Erin Smith Chieze, from San Diego, shared the image after becoming frustrated by a Facebook campaign asking people to post a heart as their status to raise awareness of the disease.

Instead, Erin posted the image of the 12 lemons, from the charity Worldwide Breast Cancer.

breast cancer


“I was diagnosed with breast cancer five days later, and with stage four (advanced breast cancer) the following month.”

She said posting a heart will do nothing to raise awareness.

“I knew what breast cancer was, I knew all about self exams, but a picture of what to look for keyed me into knowing I had a terminal disease,” she said.

“We need to give real information, not cute hearts.

“Without having seen a picture randomly with real information, I wouldn’t have known what to look for.”

She urged Facebook users to “stop playing games” and to share photos of the real signs and symptoms women need to watch out for, to educate people and help them realise it is more than just a lump.

Breast cancer does not only affect women over  the age of 50, it affects younger girls too.

Even 20 percent of breast cancer occur in women under the age of 50. According to

Mr Thakur : “Women should start becoming breast aware from the age of around 25.

“About once a month especially a few days after periods are over, when the breasts are less lumpy and, or tender is the best time to check.

“I’d encourage women to make a habit of this. It enables women to pick up changes in their breasts early and seek specialist advice if needed.”


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