6 Exercises for a Healthy Spine

The spine has a very important role in the human body: it supports the upper body’s weight, provides posture and protects the spinal cord while allowing movement and flexibility. It consists of 3 parts: cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine.

Back pain and problems with the spine can be usually caused by sitting at school or at work for hours, in front of the computer or TV, etc.

Unfortunately we cannot avoid the modern way of life, but we can certainly find a way to prevent the appearance of spinal issues and to strengthen spine’s muscles.
One of the ways to do this is of course physical activity. Any issues with the back or spine can be overcome by walking, swimming, yoga, aerobics, stretching, and many more if we are consistent and patient.

We recommend you to start practicing these 6 exercises:

Exercise No.1: Lie down on your stomach and stretch out your arms above your head, then simultaneously lift your upper body from the surface with your arms and legs stretched out.

Exercise No. 2: Get in the same position as in exercise no. 1. It  includes the same movements as the previous one, except here you should hold a small ball in your hands while performing it.

Exercise No.3: Lie on your stomach as in exercise 1 and 2, but put both of your arms on your nape, the back of your neck, and intertwine them. Then, simultaneously start lifting your legs and the upper part of your body.

Exercise No. 4: It is the same as exercise 3, but you should put your hands on your back and unite them at your butt.

Exercise No. 5: Lie on your stomach, stretch out your arms beside your body with your palms on the floor, and slowly lift your upper body and your legs at the same time.

Exercise No. 6: Lie on your back and stretch out your arms with your palms on the floor. Bend your joined legs in the knees and lift them towards you, while your upper body is on the floor and your shinbones and your thighbones from a 90 degrees’ angle. Hold in this position for a while, and then pull your legs down once on the left and then on the right side, following this movement with your upper body

In the beginning do each of these exercises for at least a minute and then gradually increase the time to 3 minutes.
You can spend only 20 minutes of your precious time a day for exercising and doing these exercises for maintaining a healthy spine. As a result you’ll feel a lot better, and you’ll improve your back and spine health in no time.

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