7 Fruit Trees That You Can Grow At Home

Having a wonderful garden at your own home can be a bliss. The cultivation of fruit trees can be easily done in the comfort of your home, you just have to have the necessary time to dedicate them. Not only you will enjoy the benefits of their fruits, you will also create a wonderful oasis of relaxation.

These are some of the fruit trees you grow at your home:

Apple trees

Apple trees prefer cool weather and need special care in order to bear fruits. Can you imagine having your own homegrown apples? These are certainly juicier and taste better. Apples are one of the most desired fruits in the world market. They contain soluble fiber that helps with digestive problems.


If you want to grow a pomegranate plant in a pot you should know that it is not a difficult process. This is because its roots are quite adaptable and shallow, which is why it is one of the best options to be sown at home. A bonsai of pomegranates can even produce developed fruits. The pomegranate fruit offers a lot of health benefits, another reason to think about planting this kind of tree. It is good for oral health and the skin since it has antiaging, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cherry trees

The cherry tree will be the perfect little ornament in your balcony. However, you need to be aware that its color, smell and taste make it irresistible for some birds and insects, so you need to protect it well. Also you need to make sure it has the right ammount of light and water.


A plum tree is ideal to be sown in spring and it is ideal to be grown in a pot. Most plums need staking during the initial two years. Make sure you water the young plums regularly. Weekly watering is enough once the plum is two-seasons old. Be aware that plum tree roots are vulnerable to waterlogging. Make sure you drain out any excess water.


You need a properly sized container if you want to grow a fig tree. The root must have enough space in order to develop in the best way. You have to water it in the right way and let it enjoy the sunlight if you want the fruit to be juicy. In winter and in lower temperatures, the roots should receive more care than usual.


Citrus trees are the simplest ones to be grown and cared for. They only have to be protected from heavy winds. These trees love the sunlight and need a fertile soil. You need to keep them hydrated and they will give you the perfect fruits in return.


Strawberries trees do not need a large container and they are perfect for a small pot. They require basic things – water, enough sunlight and fertile soil. For fruit trees, you only need to extract their seeds, wash them, dry them and sow them in a pot with good soil. Place them in a place where they receive enough light and water to develop and you will enjoy its delicious fruits.

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