8 Reasons Age Three is More Terrible Than Two – A Confession Of A Stay At Home Mom

Only moms know these things. This is a confession of a stay at home mom who tells us why kids at three are “worse” than when they’re two. This is of course not complaining but only a funny summary of several things moms struggle with 3-year olds.

  1. When they are two they talk very little or don’t talk at all. At three you can’t stop them.
  2. At two they cry, at three they yell.
  3. Baths are ten-minute events when they are two years old. When they are three you need at least an hour to bathe them. You get a drenched bathroom, soaking wet mommy and 15 used towels.
  4. At two they eat everything you give them At three they start being picky.
  5. At two they let you dress them, looking all innocent and adorable. At three they want to pick their own clothes and sometimes their combinations are just not for outside the door.
  6. At two, when you take them to the supermarket they can be easily distracted by a box of cornflakes. At three they want to dictate the entire food list.
  7. At two they don’t like to get dirty. At three this is the most enjoyable thing in the world.
  8. At two you can do things for them. At three they want to do everything by themselves and it can take forever.

Moms do you share the same opinions? Do you have to add something to the list ?


Source: http://www.scarymommy.com/


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