8 Unexpected Foods That Will Start Erasing Dark Spots When You Rub Them On Your Face

Dark spots on the skin are a very common problem for many people. Whether they are a result of bad complexion or what’s left of acnes, they are not a pretty sight. There are a number of factors that influence how our skin looks. For instance certain medical conditions, overexposure to the sun or the usage of low-quality cosmetic products.

A lot of people people have dark spots and patches on their skin. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that can remove these dark spots and lighten your skin to perfection.

#1 Licorice

Licorice will decrease the production f melanin and lighten the dark spots on your skin. It is recommendable to use it in the form of powder or combined with cold milk as a paste.If you want to see great results you should apply it directly on your skin for at least seven days.

#2 Sandalwood

Also used topically, sandalwood powder is an excellent choice if you want to get rid of the dark spots on your skin. It is also a very powerful for destroying acnes. Combine it with rose water or lemon juice for ultimate results. Apply it for at least a week to see some visible results.

#3 Cucumbers

You already know that cucumbers consist a great percentage of water. Apart from hydrating , cucumbers have skin lightening properties as well.

You can make a combination of cucumber with aloe vera gel, or you can mix some grated cucumber with gram flour and lemon juice. Keep the mixture on your skin until dry. Do this at least for a week.

#4 Red lentils

Except for lightening your skin, red lentils will help you in getting a fresh and balanced skin complexion. You can also use it for eliminating dead skin cells on the surface of your skin.

It is recommendable to soak the red lentils overnight and make a paste in the morning: Grind the red lentils and add coconut oil and tomato juice. To enjoy consistent results use this mixture for over a week.

#5 Yogurt

Being rich in all kind of nutrients, yogurt consists of lactic acid that will help you in brightening your skin. You can mix the yogurt with raw honey , apply it on your skin and wait 10-15 minutes before you rinse it off. You can apply this mask every day for 7-10 days.

#6 Honey

Honey is famous for its healing and health benefits. It has always been used for beauty purposes because of its rich moisturizing properties. If you want to lighten your skin mix honey with lemon juice, almond oil and milk powder. Leave the mixture for 45 minutes on your skin and then rinse it off. You can repeat this every other day for 7-10 days for visible results.

#7 Sugar

Not only it is a great skin exfoliator, sugar can be also used for skin lightening. Mix honey with brown sugar until you get an even mixture. This is especially recommended for facial use. It stimulates blood circulation while it removes dead skin cells. The application can be repeated twice in a week for the best results.

#8 Oatmeal

It is considered to be one of the top skin brighteners. The application of oatmeal at the level of the skin can also help to eliminate dead cells, sebum, and dirt accumulated on the surface.

Mix  buttermilk and oatmeal powder and rub it into the skin by massaging. After you massage for 2 minutes, rinse it off. The application can be repeated two or three times per week

As they are all natural ingredients you do not have to worry about side effects or adverse reactions. So go ahead and give them all a try.

Image source : http://www.lightskincure.org

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