A Man was Diagnosed With Eye Cancer Because of his bad habit at night

A 40-year old man was firstly told by his doctor that he had pink eye, but this diagnose was not true as it turned out that he had eye cancer.

The doctor of this 40-year old man told him that he had pink eye, but it turned out this diagnose wasn’t true. Unfortunately he had eye cancer.

It has been scientifically proven that mobile phones can affect our health negatively, especially our eyesight.
The light from the screen damages the retina so it affects our eyesight. We are under greater risk if we use our mobiles regularly in low light mode.
Then, the light goes directly into our eyes and as a consequence they become dry. This condition can develops into cancer or even blindness.

This man visited his doctor because he noticed that his eyes were constantly red and he often had problems with his eyesight.
When he told his doctor that he regularly uses his phone before going to bed, the doctor explained that this bad habit was probably the reason for his eye cancer.
Unfortunately, the modern medicine still hasn’t got the cure for this type of disease, so we need to avoid using our phones before going to bed, and in general we need to be more careful in using them.

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