According to Tarot Numerology, 2017 is a 10: The Wheel of Fortune – This is What it Means

Perhaps you haven’t been thinking in this direction until now, but tarot cards can reveal a lot of interesting things and in this case what are the exciting things that wait upon you in 2017.

According to tarot numerology, 2017 is a 10, and corresponds to the Wheel of Fortune (WoF). The WoF marks a time when you get to shake up your destiny. When the wheel is still spinning, all the cards are in play, and the outcome isn’t decided yet.

There’s a strong feeling this year that big changes are a foot, that we’re being guided, sucked into our final teleology.

It’s a time of fateful encounters and strange coincidences.

We are given our karma, but shaping our destiny is our task in life. It’s our turn. We are alive now, and now we are generating karma for future generations.

Your karma may have led you into debt, into heartbreak, into exultation, into a great job or a miserable job, but this is the year to shift that karma, friends.

If you’re doing what you want to be doing and have the winds at your back, use your karma to soar to new heights.

If you’re miserable and frustrated, make this a year of clearing karma. Bat that shizz out of the sky like animals do to drones.

All in all this year is not about material things but essential life chances. You’ll have the chance to work on yourself and your improvement in every sense of the word. So you have to be open to all great opportunities which will be in abundance this year. This year won’t be passive at all – there will be huge positive and exciting changes in careers and love life. All of this will make you feel extremely satisfied. It will be a great year, won’t it?

Tip: Surround yourself with the red color  – the symbol of love, passion and good mood!

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