Alzheimer’s patients have almost immediate brain improvements after eating 4 tablespoons of coconut oil, study shows

When we hear about “dementia,” we instantly think of memory loss.

However,  dementia comes with a lot more problems. Those who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia end up suffering from mental and cognitive decline, leading to difficulties in problem-solving, making conversation and day-to-day activities.

Unfortunately, most forms of dementia are not treatable, meaning that prevention is of utmost importance, particularly if dementia or Alzheimer`s runs in the family. The good news is that researchers have revealed the promising effects of one all-natural ingredient, which points to more efficient prevention and notably enhanced cognitive function after a diagnosis.

Can Coconut Oil Help Prevent Dementia?

Those concerned about consuming oils regularly should understand that the MCTs like those found in coconut oil, have been shown to positively affect weight loss, unlike other oils. Coconut oil  is known to contain up to 62 percent of MCTs and works as an amazing source of these beneficial fats.  Still, many people opt for pure MCT oil which can be purchased in any natural health store.

In order to get the same results as the study`s participants, one diagnosed with dementia would have to eat about four tablespoons of coconut oil daily. While this may seem unmanageable, by cooking with it instead of vegetable oils, mixing it in your coffee, or adding it to your smoothies, is completely doable. Even a smaller dosage can help a healthy individual improve their cognitive function and prevent dementia.

Watch the video below to see how the coconut oil can improve the function of the brain

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