An Anti-age Exercise You Should Try Before You’re 30

It’s an anti-aging move! The sooner you start doing it – the better!
This exercise is good for building bone mass, and that process lasts until you’re thirty. That’s why you should start sooner!
For this exercise you’ll need kettlebells instead of regular weights! They can be used to meet all the bone-building criteria. The ultimate kettlebell move is known as the double kettlebell clean and jerk. It’s a combination of pulling and pushing movements that activate the whole body.
The ‘clean’ part of this move applies to the back, glutes, hands and hamstrings, while the ‘jerk’ activates the shoulders, legs, triceps and the upper back.

  1. Take 2 kettlebells in both hands. (You can start by 8-pound weights and progress to 15 -to 20-pounds weights.


  1. Slightly bend your knees and hinge forward while your back remains flat. The kettlebells should hang in between your legs.


  1. Gently swing the kettlebells between your legs.


4. Stand up and sway the kettlebells out, up and towards your chest. Do this in one move only.


  1. Make a pause and bend your elbows. Your fists should be facing each other.6
  1. Slightly bend your knees and go up on the front part of your feet (do not jump). Extend your arms toward the ceiling and press the kettlebells up at the same time.7

7. Start by doing 3 sets of 10 and progress to 5 sets. Rest for ½ minutes between each set.


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