One of the most common problem people face when they are in a relationship is their lack of communication. Some of them pay too much attention on the physical part (i.e sex) and they underestimate the meaning of communicating on a mental, emotional level. Whether that depends on a person’s personality or there is something else in the background, unfortunately many relationships fall apart as a result of lack of proper communication, trust and respect.

Why is communication so important in relationships?

Communication is all about talking and listening. However, it’s not that easy as its sounds. Communication demands certain skills that we must learn and develop in order to understand what our loved one is trying to say to us.

A romantic relationship is bound to fail if there is no proper communication.


How can you connect with someone if you don’t understand what they want or how they feel?

There are  lot of challenges that come along with a relationship. In the beginning, it’s all fun and games but after some period you begin realizing whether or not you want to take that relationship to the next level (move in together, get engaged, get married, have kids, etc.).In order to  do that, you must learn to communicate.

A critical part of the whole communication process is active listening.Partners want to be heard by the other one. Despite expressing  heir emotions and feelings, they also want their better half to participate in a conversation and pitch in with their own ideas too. They don’t want to feel like they’re not heard.


Communication and emotional support

Every relationship has its ups and downs. At some point things might get nasty. Issues or conflict may materialize. Solid couples will know how to work things out – by communicating. Others will break up and move on with their lives. No matter what, it is very important to be there for your partner when he/she need you the most and support them.


Offer them your emotional support in case of financial issues, and find a way to stay afloat.

Money related problems are one of the most common ones in a relationship.. It all starts there. It may be the case that one spends more than the other, the other earns more than the other or some of you is in a financial crisis. Talk about it and find a solution to the problem.

Whatever the case, money-related talk can be unpleasant but is necessary if you want to have a sincere and healthy relationship. Just don’t start a fight. Instead, think in a positive way and offer your support if needed.



Always value your loved one and be grateful for what you have.


Connect spiritually and don’t forget to express yourself honestly. Say what you think and don’t be afraid that you will hurt him/her. You won’t. hurt them , you’re just offering advice and expressing your own opinion. If your loved one has an open mind, he/she will understand what you’re trying to say. In the end, communication is crucial for maintaining a healthy relationship.

Irrational feelings


Don’t feel ashamed to recognize that you have some irrational feelings. When you are a part of a strong relationship, nothing is meaningless.

Feel comfortable about talking on all subjects. For example, if you fell hurt or disappointed, you shouldn’t defend yourself by trying to act a victim. That is not the manner to work things out, just say what’s the cause for your emotional anger.

The sooner you talk about your problem, the sooner you’ll find a solution.

 Respect talk

It takes time to build intimacy in a relationship. Be patient about it since that needs time. Respect  your partner and make them fell comfortable around you. If they are having trouble in expressing themselves, help them.

Don’t be shy to say what you think and don’t hide your feelings.


Relationships are complicated, and nobody has the exact advice for a perfect bond. In fact, there’s no such thing as the perfect relationship. Let’s not forget that we’re humans. We should allow our imperfections to shape us and make us unique and special in the eyes of our loved one.

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