Cucumber Water for Healthy and Optimal Weight Loss

Drinking water keeps our bodies hydrated and healthy. Consuming sufficient amount of fluids is essential for the normal functioning of all organs. It is recommended to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

However, the taste of plain water can sometimes become dull. This is the reason why you simply want to try another type of drink that offers another flavor.

To make the taste of water more appealing, even companies that produce famous brands of water invent various types of flavors usually by adding the flavor of fruits to it. So there is lemon water, strawberry water etc.

We recommend you add some slices of cucumber to your water. It is a very healthy and aromatic replacement for all other drinks you already consume daily, as well as a great help in the fight against excess weight.

If you want to burn fats effectively, the best way is to watch on your diet and consume large quantities of cucumber water instead of sugary drinks and alcohol. Did you know that water contains no calories at all?

When you add cucumber slices to a glass of water, you actually add less calories to your regular glass of water than sprinkled water (150 calories) or apple juice (113 calories) contain.

Another health benefit of cucumber water is that it balances your appetite. Whenever you feel thirsty your body makes you feel hungry too. Drinking cucumber water will hydrate your body and you will feel full – you will have no need of food. This is why this drink will help you lose weight and feel more satisfied with your body.

Apart from being rich in vitamins and antioxidants, cucumber water has amazing effects on skin’s tone and hydration. This is due to silicon dioxide also known as silica usually used in cosmetic treatments against acnes.

Here’s how to prepare cucumber water:

You’ll need:

  • 1 fresh cucumber
  • 2 liters spring water
  • 1 large pitcher

Take fresh cucumber and wash it thoroughly to remove any bacteria or dirt .It’s your choice whether you  peel it off the skin or leave it on. Slice it into circular pieces and put them in a pitcher filled with fresh spring water. Let them steep overnight or at least for several hours. You can also lemons, mint leaves or any other fruits to your preference.

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