Do These Effective Waist Exercises To Lose Excess of Kilograms Quickly

What is your most problematic area of the body?
Even if you are satisfied with your appearance there is always one critical part.

If you are a typical kind of woman your excess of kilograms probably always accumulates exactly in the waist area. It is a biological fact that the woman’s body evolved for motherhood so it saves nutritional substances in the form of fats mainly in areas where they will later be needed most.

 Aerobics class

You are probably built quite normally and your curves are attractive and feminine, but it’s always good to strengthen your body.
Life consists of movement, growth and change. Therefore, we hope to give you some good ideas on how to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

We all want a neat hourglass shape. This is the most attractive form of the female body and it actually doesn’t matter whether you are 50 kg or 80, 90.
As long as the waist is 70% ratio of the hips, the shape is perceived as an hourglass. Therefore, try to concentrate your efforts on the middle part of your body. In addition to the aesthetic benefits of strengthening the middle part of the body, the exercises will certainly help your spine and improve your posture.

One good old way for doing this is the abs workout, and depending on the part you want to strengthen you can work on the bottom, top or side muscles.

To strengthen the lower abdominal muscles lie on your back. Place your palms on the floor, lift your head as you lower your chin to your chest. Then lift both feet together keeping them straight, and repeat this 20 times.

For the upper abdominal muscles lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, in the width of the hips and keep your feet glued to the floor. Put your hands at the sideways of your head with your fingers only lightly touching it and raised as if you want the body to reach the ceiling. Every time you sit up hold for a few seconds to get faster results. Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

We hope you will try this as soon as possible and enjoy the results.
The waist area is the most problematic area, but by being persistent and consistent in performing these exercises will pay off eventually.
Do not give up!

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