Eliminate The Drooping Eyelid Naturally With the Help of This Remedy: It’s Amazing!

Drooping eyelid is a common facial problem for many women. It certainly doesn’t look good aesthetically and most of the women don’t know how to treat it. Unfortunately, it cannot be covered by make-up.

Usually drooping eyelids appear as a result of genetics and aging. However, there are many young people who have them. Drooping eyelids can also appear due to nerve problems in the eyes area or injuries.

Don’t waste money on expensive products that don’t offer a visible solution. There are a lot of natural ways that are very effective and can help you eliminate dropping eyelids.

One of the most famous ingredients that proved to be effective concerning this problem is egg. Except for this, egg can be also used for hair treatments, eliminating scars, blackheads and acnes.


This is what you have to do :

  • Start by washing your face. Remove the make–up if you have any and dry it well.
  • Use only the egg white and apply it on your eyelids. Your eyes must be closed while you do this.
  • Leave it until it dries off and then wash it off using warm water. Then pat your face gently using a towel.
  • This treatment can be repeated every day because it is completely natural and doesn’t cause any side effects.


Additional tips and treatments:

  1. Cucumber – Put several slices of cucumber on your eyelids and leave them for 15-20 minutes. In the end wash your face with water.
  2. Aloe Vera gel – Take four tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel,  four spoons of plain yogurt, two tablespoons of oatmeal and few slices of cucumber and make a paste. Apply the paste to your eyelids and leave them for 20-15 minutes and then rinse it off with cool water.
Aloe Vera Gel
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3. Chamomile tea bags – Store used chamomile tea bags in the fridge and then apply them on your eyelids. Leave them for 20-25 minutes. You can do this procedure everyday.

Chamomile Tea
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4. Ice cubes – Massage the area around your eyes with ice cubes. It tightens the skin.

5. Grapes – Eat more grapes. They contain resveratrol which is very effective for treating this problem. It also slows down the aging process.

Source : womanpositive.net


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