Feel Confident in Your Swimsuit: 6 tips you should follow!

   1. Stop the comparison trap. Exposed to the media, fashion shows, Instagram girls looking flawless and their bodies… to die for! But, wait a minute! Put your feet on the ground and face the fact that we, the normal people (women) are not Victoria’s secret models! So, why waste your time comparing with the others? Run your own race, define your own beauty and start being You!

  1. Unconditional self-love is what we should practice. You need to have the self-control and stop that inner voice that tells you that you are too fat or you will never achieve your goal and lose some pounds! According to research our inner voice has a big effect on our confidence. Start paying attention to what your real voice is saying, don’t be a hater and replace every single negative thought with a positive one.
  2. Make a list of things you love about yourself. Take some time to improve the relationship with yourself. Me, myself and I, your own best friend. Make a list of five things you like about yourself: from physical attributes such as full lips and nice breasts to personality traits like being a good mother and being passionate about something. To build up your self-confidence increase these 5 things each day to 6, 8, 10… You’ll feel a lot better, believe us.
  3. Be fit and strong. Find an activity you will enjoy doing, set some goals to achieve and get started. When you are moving regularly, you are more in touch with your body and feel way more appreciative of what it can do.
  4. Be a role model. Being women, we have some kind of responsibility for our next generations. Be someone’s role model. That could be your daughter, niece or friend’s child. Teach them about the beauty of women despite their shapes and sizes. Don’t complain in front of them, just be confident about your appearance.
  5. Be positive. Laugh out loud. Try to have as much as fun as you can. Especially while in your swimsuit on the beach. Try some new water sport, splash in the water and smile. Confidence plus happiness makes you glow!

So tell us, how confident do you feel in your swimsuit?

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