Find Out How To Save a Person With a Stroke, Using Only One Needle!

All of us should be prepared about any kind of emergency. Sometimes the emergency service can take a while to come, so it’s useful if we know how to help and avoid death. We’ll show you how to do this by using only a needle or syringe.

According to statistics, strokes are the third cause of death in the West. Moreover, strokes can lead to severe disabilities in adults. When a person is getting a stroke we need to act quickly.

Stroke occurs when the blood flow to the brain is interrupted so an area in the brain stops to receive nutrients and most importantly, oxygen. That’s when the activity of this area is disrupted and it starts dying slowly. There are two types of strokes : ischemic and hemorrhagic.

In this article, we tell you how to rescue and rescue a person with a stroke . This technique belongs to the first aid of traditional Chinese medicine and is 100% effective. Pay close attention and keep a needle always close !!

Learn how to prevent a stroke by only using a needle:

The most important thing in this kind of situation is to be calm and think clearly. First call the emergency service.

You all know that sometimes the emergency can take a long time, so you can save a person and prevent them from dying by doing the following thing.

You will need a syringe with sterilized needle:

1.If you are using a common sewing needle, make sure you burn it for sterilization.

2.Click with the top of the 10 fingers. A particular acupuncture technique is not necessary, only a few millimeters of the needle.

3.Blood flows through the small holes. If it doesn’t flow, don’t pinch any more. Press, squeeze around and cause blood to flow out

4.You will alter the patient’s blood pressure by causing the ten fingers to bleed. The brain receives the normal flow and the person will be able to come back to it.

You probably notice that the patient can not speak, gesticulate or have his mouth distorted. In that case, you must unzip the head:

-Massage your ears until they turn completely red
-Pin the massaged lobes with the needle and allow two drops of blood to fall from each ear
-Decompression will help your face get back to normal

If you notice that the victim is normal, without unusual symptoms and the emergency service does not arrive. Charge it and go to the nearest hospital. This quick action will also allow you to save a person with a stroke and prevent sequelae.

We hope this advice will be helpful for someone.

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