These Foods Make Cancer Cells Grow In Your Body! Stop Eating Them Right Now!

If you want to maintain your overall health, you must exercise, consume healthy  food and lead a healthy lifestyle.  The choice of food is very important and you need to be very careful. The food you consume daily can contain carcinogenic ingredients. According to statistics, almost 1.5 new cases of cancer were diagnosed last year.

We present you the top ten foods that are usually consumed daily and which contain cancer-causing agents.

Canned tomatoes

Canned foods consist Bisphenol – A or BPA, a chemical that is very harmful. Canned tomatoes are not any exception. The tomatoes are extremely hazardous due to the high acidity that appears to make the BPA leech from the can’s lining inside the tomatoes.

Farmed salmon

Although fish is considered to be the healthiest food, farmed salmon is an exception. Surprisingly, more than 60% of the salmon fish that is devoured in America is farm raised.

The salmon fish is contaminated with a great number of antibiotics, chemicals, pesticides  and other cancerous ingredients. Moreover, this fish is fed  in an unnatural way.

All in all, try to avoid the farmed salmon. Buy it canned or look for a label which confirms that the fish you are buying is wild sockeye salmon.

Processed meats

You may already know that processed meats contain various chemicals and additives, along with sodium nitrates that make them look fresh and tasty. However, these are extremely dangerous.

The meat grasps tar from the smoking procedure and that is the reason why the smoking meats seem to be particularly awful. Tar is the same destructive ingredient that the cigarette contains.

Soda pop

If you drink more than one soda a day, you have a higher risk of a stroke. Sodas are full of sugars and contain many calories that can make you gain weight.

Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn contains propyl gallate, a chemical  that can cause digestive problems and  skin rashes . It also contains soybean oil that is a GMO product, and many other additives. The producing companies are not saying that they use GMO corn kernels, but the administration claims so they don’t have to. However, one thing we can tell for sure – they are not using organic corn either!

Foods that are highly salted, pickled or smoked

Those types of food contain preservatives and are cured by  the use of nitrates and nitrites.

For example, nuts, smoked foods  or meat causes these nourishment substances to ingest major amounts of tar which smoke produces. Tar is a well-known cancer-causing agent.  For example, salami, bacon, sausages and others are extremely high in salt and fat.

These types of food immensely expand the higher rates of stomach malignancy and the danger of colorectal cancer.


Most of the foods that are produced nowadays are unfortunately GMO.

Genetically modified organisms or GMO’s are foods that have been grown with chemicals and modified by chemicals.

Potato chips

Not only they are high in fat and calories, potatoes also contain various harmful colors and additives as well as artificial flavors.

The potato chips are fried in really high temperatures in order to look firm, but that causes them to make a substantial that is known as acrylamide, a carcinogen agent also found in cigarettes.

Refined sugars

These cause the ideal environment for cancer cells development that spikes the insulin levels.

German Otto Warburg, the Nobel laureate in medicine (1931), primarily found that cancers and tumors both use sugars in order to “feed” themselves and therefore, to increase in size.

Red meat

Latest studies show that when it comes to colon cancer, the red meat is principally perilous. A research made in the USA followed about 150,000 people between the ages of 50 – 74. The research demonstrated that a long term utilization of red meat extended the amount of colon malignancy set up in the subjects concentrated on. So, the long term utilization of poultry and fishseemed to be protective in the nature.

You will best take care of you and your family if you stop consuming these foods. Try consuming more organic and healthy food that will keep you in the best shape and health.

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