Here is What You Need To Check Next Time You Buy Bottled Water!

Usually, the most used container for storing liquids is the plastic bottle. The easiest way is to buy a plastic bottle once and then use it for storing tap water for several days. That’s such a cheap and practical solution. However, most of us don’t know that the repetitive filling of a plastic bottle can do a lot of harm to the body.

In addition, read several things connected to this issue and try to remember them well.

What kind of bottles release toxic substances?

Plastic bottles can release toxic substances, so you should always look at the sign at the bottom of the bottle – a triangle with a number in it that shows what kind of plastic is the bottle made of.

A bottle labelled with „1“ (PET or PETE) is safe, but only for ONE use. If it is exposed to sun or it is somehow heated ,this bottle can cause toxic substances that fall into the water that’s in it. This is due to the presence of oxygen.


Avoid bottles labeled with „3“ and „7“ (PVC and PC), since they release toxic substances that also enter the water in the bottle. If you consume this water for a longer period of time it can cause dangerous diseases.

For more disposable use , pick bottles made of polyethylene (labeled with numbers „2“ and „4“) or bottles made of polypropylene (labeled with number „5“ and „РР“).These are relatively safe if you disinfect them properly.

plastic bottles
plastic bottles

Plastic bottles= a perfect environment for bacteria

According to scientists, plastic bottles that are used several times have the same amount of bacteria as the toilet bowl seat. The level of bacteria often crosses the standards of safety.

Unfortunately we are the ones that create the perfect conditions for bacteria spreading. We touch the bottle with dirty hands and don’t wash it properly while we keep it in a room temperature filled with water.

What do you need to do?

Wash the bottle using warm water, suds and vinegar.

Pay attention to the top of the bottle

Even if we wash the bottle properly, there is still opportunity for poisoning or other health problems.

The biggest number of bacteria is found in the neck of the bottle, where it is almost impossible to properly remove the dirt. So, to protect yourself use a straw instead of directly drinking from it.

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