How to make organic home-made apple cider vinegar! Enjoy its health benefits!

Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits and it is widely used for maintaining health in general as well as for skin care. It is usually used in the kitchen as an addition to various dishes but as we already said ,it can be used as a remedy for different diseases and infections. That’s why it is good to have it on reach at every time. We present you a recipe of how to prepare organic home-made apple cider vinegar using only couple of fresh apples.


  • Fresh and washed apples
  • Water
  • Sugar

Method of preparation

  • Cut the apples , grate them in a glass or plastic jar and add some sugar. (If you use sour apples, add 1% of sugar to the whole amount). The sugar is needed for the fermentation process so there won’t be any left in the final product
  • Pour over hot-boiling water, cover the jar using a clean cloth and leave it to stay at a room temperature about 20°C.
  • 7 -10 days after, you’ll start to feel the smell of acid in the room you keep the jar in. Since the smell is strong it’s best to keep the jar in the kitchen or other storage place.
  • One month later you can try the vinegar and see if the acidity is OK. If it isn’t too strong you can strain the liquid and put the vinegar in clean and sterilized bottles. However, if you are not satisfied with the acidity of the vinegar, you can leave it to stay a few days.

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