It Burns Fat and Destroys Cholesterol: The Drink That is Recommended By Doctors!

This is absolutely fantastic homemade remedy for reducing cholesterol levels and buildup. By its help you will stabilize your cholesterol levels and get rid of the fat located in the most problematic areas of your body.

Many doctors have confirmed its efficiency and they also recommend it to the patients who struggle with high levels of cholesterol.

This natural remedy is rich in many beneficial nutrients, and the reason why cholesterol levels are stabilized and why fat is broken down is actually the ideal balance of these nutrients. Moreover, this remedy can also be used for soothing pain and inflammation.

So, how can you prepare this remedy? It’s very simple and you don’t need any special equipment or ingredients.


  • Parsley – 450 grams
  • Organic lemons – 3
  • Baking soda
  • Two liters of purified water

Instructions of preparation:

In order to eliminate dirt and pesticides, rub the lemons with the baking soda. Then, boil the water and leave it to cool down. Chop the parsley, and cut the lemons into chunks. Put them into the cooled water, cover and put it into the fridge. 24 hours later strain the solution in a very careful way, and put it in a clean glass bottle.

How to use it:  Drink about 100 ml of this drink everyday.
It won’t take much time before you notice the positive effects (it burns fat).

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