Light Your Whole Room For A Month Using Only A Potato!

A potato that has been cooked for at least 8 minutes can create a battery which is ten times more powerful than raw. Have you ever heard this before? It’s unbelievable!

Haim Rabinovitch, Professor of science and agriculture did an experiment with several slices of potato quarters which he placed between copper cathode and zinc anode.

These were then connected with wire of course, leading him to discover that these cute little units could be placed in a room with and LED light bulb for up to forty days and continue working with no issue. Isn’t that neat? Free power even in a sense.

This represents a very important  scientific discovery  that can create many new opportunities for the underdeveloped parts of the world. The fact that it is potatoes that can do this is even better considering potatoes can grow in most environments

Watch the video below and be amazed:


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