Low Blood Pressure – What You Need To Know And How To Regulate It

What do you need to know about low blood pressure and its regulation?

If you often feel tired you lack energy and your head is spinning then you probably suffer from hypotension. The level of our blood pressure is genetically predestined so it’s not strange for some people to suffer from hypotension all of their lives (lower than 120/80) Low blood problems are usually connected with sudden climate changes and temperature changes as well.

Women, especially those in their middle (thirties, forties and fifties) are the ones that have low blood pressure. They should pay attention to their diet and not stick to rigorous diets for weight loss.

Hypotension can also happen as a result of dehydration, depression, cardiovascular diseases and bacteria infections. Weak blood circulation is what causes the symptoms of low blood pressure.

Low blood pressure can be regulated by consummation of liquids and salt. The salt helps the organism to retain water. It is advisable to drink one glass of red wine before lunch or dinner because red wine is rich in flavonoids and it’s a good antioxidant and a good medicine for hypotension. Water, not too sugary drinks, salty soups should be consumed more often –advises dr. Lapchevich.

Those who suffer from low blood pressure can also decrease the symptoms by having a relatively cold shower in the morning after waking up. The blood pressure is at its lowest level the first hour after eating so you can eat often and have more meals.

We hope these tips will help you in managing your low blood pressure.

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