A must do exercises after going jogging

The personal trainer and athlete Cliff King advises us on how to stretch muscles in the best way after jogging. Doing warm ups and stretching after a physical activity are the core of every workout. By skipping them you risk getting an injure or insufficient muscle relaxing.

He advises that before the workout we should do dynamic stretches. On the other hand, we should do isolative stretches after the workout. These dynamic stretches represent active moves that warm up a whole group of muscles all at once. The static isolative stretches however, like touching the toes focus on only one muscle group.
After jogging you should stretch at least 10 minutes. The professional athletes and sportsmen this should take longer.
Make yourself a coffee, sit on the floor in front of your TV and stretch as longer as you can. Do the static stretching at least 30 to 40 seconds. During exercising every single muscle and ligament is tightened and then relaxed and in this way you stop being injured.
Don’t do these stretching exercises too fast. Feel your body and don’t forget your inner muscles. Neglecting them can lead to knee injuries which are most common in athletes. It is always better to do these stretches in company than alone, you can do them together with your partner- says King.

Exercise 1: Touch your toes
Keep your legs straight one next to another and use your weight to push and touch your toes. This exercise is good for stretching the gluteus, the back side of the calves and also for decreasing the pulse and thus returning the circulation and the blood flow into the head.

Exercise 2: Quadriceps stretching
Lift one of your legs backwards, while holding it with your hand. Put your knees one next to another, push your hips to the front and push your heel toward your butt.

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