New Innovation: Blue Wine – Would You Like To Try Its Taste?

Red, rose, white – when it comes to wines we can easily say we’ve tried everything right? However, would you try the new blue Spanish wine?

3 young innovators stand behind the recipe of the wine Gik. This blue wine is a combination of black and white grapes and blue food dye along with anthocyanin- a pigment of the grape’s skin.

The winery Gik is situated in the Spanish region of Basque, but the company claims that different locations or types of grapes is not what’s important. According to them what is most important are the people behind the product. These young entrepreneurs don’t have any experience in the wine industry but they have done their best in the two year collaboration with the University of Basque to invent this recipe.

The blue color represents movement, innovation and infinity. The look is radical but the taste is really nice. Namely, the taste is sweeter than the usual red or white wine although it doesn’t contain any additional sugars. Every bottle has about 11.5% of alcohol and costs around 10 euros. At the moment it is only sold in Spain but it is expected to be exported around all Europe and USA in very near future.

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