Nostradamus Answers Your Questions: Use this Magical Numbers Map to Find Your Answers

The prophecies of the 16th century author Nostradamus are universal part of the popular culture of the 20th and 21st centuries.  These prophecies are also the main subject of many books.

Nostradamus’prophecies became true in the past. He wrote his prophecies in metaphors and it is said that he invented the circle fortune teller although there isn’t any written proof.

This method of finding the answers to your questions is very simple and surprisingly correct. Even if don’t believe these things you can at least try it or just do it for fun. 🙂

Instructions: Close your eyes, concentrate on your question you want to ask and put your finger on the picture with numbers. The number you will choose (Remember to do this with your eyes closed) is the answer to your question.

Nostradamus numbers
Nostradamus numbers



Number 1 : Yes. You belong to those kind of people who don’t lose their temper even in the most difficult situations. That’s why you shouldn’t give up solving your problems since you are patient and resilient. You can expect success so have faith in yourself and in others.


Number 2.  Yes, but not today and not tomorrow. Someone is standing on your way and tries to confuse you. Don’t take him/her seriously but at the same time don’t underestimate him/her. Avoid conflicts and try to find a positive solution for your problems.


Number 3. Yes. The events in the following days will exceed your expectations. If you start using your energy reserves wisely (not spending your energy on .things) you will be ahead of everyone. In any case have patience.


Number 4. Yes. Your luck is smiling at you at this moment. So you don’t have a reason to doubt in the positive results. Your luck will be on your side for a long time ahead. Enjoy it.


Number 5.  Correct. In this moment you are paying too much attention on what other people think and you are missing out nice situations. Don’t wait too long and make sure other people respect you and your opinion. Small tactic games only lead to confusion and make harm on your mutual confidence.


Number 6.  Nothing will happen as smoothly as you hoped. You’ll start from wrong assumptions and people will see that in a very different light. So it is necessary for you to take a good advice from a close friend or relative and don’t permit yourself to be led from a fake hope.


Number 7.  This particular  question cannot be answered. at this moment . Give yourself  some time and don’t think too much. Try to relax in the moment and everything will be solved in the right time.. If you worry too much, try to seek help from this magical circle in a week from now.


Number 8.  Be careful. Try not to believe everything people say to you. Keep away from some things. Today everything around you will look better than it really is. Be careful and try not to be disappointed afterwards,


Number 9. There’s no doubt,but you’ll need help. Try to talk to a good friend for the problems that bother you because she/he is objective and sees the things better than you.


Number 10. Yes, but don’t let yourself be in delusion. Show more self-confidence and everything will be alright. In this moment you can completely turn to your intuition. You won’t experience any disappointment later.

Number 11. This question is asked too soon. For now leave it. Be more flexible and you will be appreciated.


Number 12.  It is possible. Everything is moving faster and in a more positive way that you have imagined. It is very important not to leave an impression of an indifferent person. Pay attention. Someone sincerely tries to become your friend.


Number 13.  Everything will happen the way it was planned. You seem indecisive and this makes your friends delusive. They think of you as an unpredictable person and this doesn’t suits you. Destroy this image. They love you more than you think.


Number 14.  Everything will be fine. But only if you are more active. Everything is permitted but no postponing. Take the things in your own hands and surprise everyone with your creative ideas and efficiency.


Number 15.  Yes you can believe in your luck. You can expect a positive turn of your destiny. You only have to wait. Don’t rush anything because it can make you harm.


Number 16.  All your hopes will be fulfilled. But it will be in a completely different way than you imagined. So be ready for any kind of changes and don’t focus on one goal only. Show flexibility and don’t reject compliments.


Number 17.  The question is still opened. You need to think carefully about your wishes because your feelings are not mature enough. That is why you expect too much from the other side. Next days everything will stay the same, but one lucky circumstance can clarify your problem. Listen to your inner voice.


Number 18. There can be difficulties. At first you will be disappointed, but this doesn’t mean your chances are equal to nothing. In contrary, the disappointment will give you motivation for a positive development. Your circle of friends is growing and it becomes better and more stable than ever.


Number 19.  Doubt and anger are still far from you. If you don’t release your own doubts you will be wrong. If you don’t feel you have luck, it may be due to the fact that you are too modest and insecure. Get rid of them ! Be open and friendly to other people.


Number 20.  Yes. In this moment the luck is on your side. So there is not one reason to doubt in the positive results. You will enjoy the happy period for a long time.


Number 21. Yes. You need to invest more hard work in order to achieve your goal. Be brave, take risks and you will succeed. Be careful with all that is happening around you and be aware that there isn’t such thing as coincidence. Nothing is coincidence in this world.

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