Only one exercise for an amazing butt!

This simple exercise with a Pilates ball will help you boost your strength and endurance by stimulating the work of all muscles in your butt and in the lower part of your back.

We are all aware that we must exercise to achieve some results and look tight and gorgeous. Although many of us find excuses not to exercise, or laziness overcomes us most of the time, we need to find time to start doing some physical activity, especially now, before the summer comes.

For this particular exercise we only need one requisite, and that is a Pilates ball. With its help we can achieve amazing results especially in tightening our pelvic muscles and butt.

There are three steps you should follow (exercise for an amazing butt):

First Step

Lie down on a flat and hard surface, stretch out your legs and place them directly on the ball without bending your knees, and try not to lift your shoulders from the surface while doing the exercise.


 Exercise for an amazing butt

Second Step

Hold your butt muscles tight and lift your butt from the surface by supporting yourself with your legs on the ball and your hands besides your body. You will feel tension in the lower part of your back, where your stomach muscles will do their work. Stay in this position for at least 10-15 seconds.

Third Step

Hold your butt raised, then bend your knees, and move the ball towards your body until your feet are completely touching surface of the ball.

After doing this, the best is to stretch your legs and then return to initial position. You can repeat this exercise 5 times in a series, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results after some time.

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