These Phones Contain the Most Radiation: You Have to Avoid Them at all Costs

They are part of our daily routine and it seems like all of as became addicted to them. We simply cannot imagine our lives without using them. However, It is shocking how phones can affect our health, especially those which are radioactive. It is very important for us to be aware of the type of phone we are using and if our phone belongs to the list of radioactive phones.

According to the study published by the researchers from the Institute of Science in Israel – Weizmann, even the smallest exposure to a mobile phone (10 minutes) can be very harmful to our brain and increase the risk of cells division or even cancer.


The lead researcher on this study said that there is a concern in the risk of the brain cancer, for young children, at the age of 10 or 12 are now in contact with the mobile phones.

And that is not the worst part. Unfortunately, these children are more prone to the damage the cell phones can do because their brain is still in development, and despite that fact, children all over the world are introduced to the mobile phones, and the age limit is lowering by the minute.

Even though the internet provides various opinions on the subject of cell phone radiation, one way or the other, it is proven that all mobile phones are tested for their specific absorption rate.




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