Prepare a powerful drink against escherichia coli

If you often get the feeling of a sudden need for urination along with the feeling of prickling, you are probably having a urinary infection.
If your symptoms last for a while you must visit your doctor, but before that you can try to prepare this drink and see if it helps.
It is a natural medicine made from celery and lemon that proved to be very helpful for this particular problem.


  • 500g celery root
  • 500g lemons

Method of preparation:

First, shred the celery and lemons (previously frozen in order to be shredded easily), and then water with one liter of water.
Let it stay for 24 hours covered with cloth.

You should filter the liquid through the cloth and drink it in the next two days, drinking three glasses a day.

And that’s how to prepare a powerful drink against escherichia coli.

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