Popular Russian method for health and rejuvenating – It’s available to everyone of you!

The fast rejuvenating of cells can be achieved by stimulation of gastric juices secretion. This is a really simple method that is strongly recommended by Russian doctors since it helps the organism to replace the old and damaged cells with new ones.

We are talking about cells that are damaged by nitrates, cancer substances, free radicals and many other toxins. This method is also efficient for removing cancer cells and other disease provocative in the organism.

For additional stimulation of gastric juice secretion do the following:

Half an hour after you eat, put about 1 gr of salt on your tongue, wait until the salt is melted and swallow the salty spit. You can repeat this procedure from one to ten times during the day. Just don’t exaggerate.

How does this method work?

A massive secretion of gastric juice starts triggered by the small quantity of salt and this eliminates all harmful cells in the body.

You can also achieve fast rejuvenating if you use some of these herbs in your diet. They also stimulate secretion of gastric juice: cabbage, nettle, seaweed, pepper, mustard, coriander, cinnamon, horseradish, caraway, radish.

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