They Say The Secret To Your Personality Is The Length Of This Finger. Mine’s Scary True!

Have you ever heard that a person’s character can be easily determined by just looking at their fingers? Yes, the shape of the fingers can give you the answer. This is a very interesting and at the same time correct method of getting to know a person. There are three different shapes of fingers, so if you are interested in this kind of analysis, keep reading:



  • You are extremely emotional person. However, you are always hiding your emotions and try to look strong on the outside.
  • You can become relaxed with people once you get to know them better.
  • You can distance yourself from people you don’t think deserve your attention, and you tend to stick to your chosen friends and family only.
  • You hate deceitful people and lies.
  • Although you are closed and you seem distant, you have a heart of gold and enjoy in helping other people.
  • You love smiling and being entertained.
  • Sometimes you can be a bit eccentric and little arrogant, showing zero tolerance.




  • You are persistent and devoted when you want to achieve something.
  • You are calm and don’t explode even in the worst situations.
  • In romantic relationships you are loyal and devoted. You’re often afraid you’ll get emotionally hurt. You know there is a soul mate for you out there, even though you seem uninterested in any of that.
  • You are not known for taking action or giving initiation for something.
  • You are very sensitive and hate seeing someone hurt and you don’t like to hurt other people’s feelings.



  • You are very direct when it comes to what you like or don’t. You are proud of yourself when people confide in you and ask for your advice. You always appreciate other people’s beliefs and opinions.
  • You like comfort and security. New things and circumstances can stress you out.
  • When it comes to upsetting scenarios, you get over them very quickly and never hold a grudge against anyone.
  • You have a big ego and that is why you can always act bossy and demanding. If you take it too far sometimes, you know how to apologize.
  • You can analyze your feelings with anyone and name a problem once you’ve spotted it.


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