A Sister Is More Than a Friend, She Is Half Of Our Heart

Family is without a doubt one of the most precious and valuable things in our life. Not only because it shapes us as people as we grow up, but it also represents our biggest support through life.
Today present you two stories: one more different than the other but in the end, it shows how having a sister can impact the life of each one of us.

If you have a sister and maybe you do not talk to her, do not worry because there will always be time to catch up and forgive any mistakes that have been made in the past.
Find out more about the stories of these sisters:

Sisters are like best friends united by blood: Clara ,25 years tells us:
“Surely my sister is the closest person I feel in the whole world. We talk to each other several times a day, we tell each other our problems and our joys.
I have other friends who are also very close, of course, but it’s not the same. With it, there is something else. With a look, we understand each other and one word is enough to tell us everything. ”
There is also the story of Elizabeth,45, who says the following: “my sister Cecilia occupies an unprofitable place. I am the oldest of three daughters and she is the middle one.
When she was born, my parents were a little “disappointed” because they expected a boy. Cecilia always thought that she had been less loved and that I had been luckier than her.

But in reality, if one of the two had objective reasons to envy the other, that was me; because Cecilia was always an excellent student, she is beautiful, tall and with endless legs.
In fact, she did everything before me. She got married before me and became a mom before I was. When I went to work in another country, I thought that she would find her place in the family but as soon as I returned home, the conflicts began again.

Today , unfortunately our parents are dead. Now, we could talk about the past. It is true that my mother and Cecilia always had a complicated relationship and it is also true that my mother was much more tolerant of me, because she was the oldest, and not so much with Cecilia.
But deep down, I still do not understand her jealousy, except for something I remembered a long time later. People always asked my parents: “Do you have three daughters? We thought they only had two. ”

To summarize, the sisters are a blessing . Sometimes, we don’t know how to value it. Our sister is that friend we have always been yearning for and we must treasure it as if it were a diamond in the rough.
Do you have a sister? Don’t forget to appreciate her.

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