Take This Before You Go To Bed And Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Most of us have unhealthy lifestyle and way of eating and that results in being overweight and accumulating fats in certain areas especially around the stomach. There are thousands of recipes and ways of losing weight but we present you a very effective one.

It is a combination of cucumber and parsley and it has many diuretic and slimming benefits. It will not only eliminate abdominal fat but it will also help strengthen your immune system, boost your metabolism and cleanse your entire body of toxins that cause damage to your health.

          Needed ingredients:

  • 1/3 cup water
  • one cucumber
  • one piece of ginger root
  • a bunch of parsley
  • Half a lemon

How to prepare the recipe:

  • First wash the cucumber, parsley and ginger, thoroughly as they will be eaten raw.
  • Grate the parsley until you get a teaspoon of it and put it aside for later use.
  • Slice the cucumber
  • Mix all the ingredients using blender until all ingredients are perfectly mixed well. You need to have a frothy texture but very light.
  • You can also sweeten it with honey or stevia.

How to consume the drink:

Consume the drink every day before you go to bed. You will be amazed by the results in several weeks. You will feel more energetic and your belly fat will be removed gradually.

Source: tophappylife.com

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