Ten-minute exercise for improving your posture

The bad posture of the body is not a pretty sight and after a period of time it can start exhausting you.
These days, young people’s posture is getting worse and they don’t pay attention to their physical health.
Obesity, stress, internet addiction and lack of exercise are the main causes for bad posture. However, there is a very simple and easy to perform exercise that can help with this problem.

Lie on your stomach, with your face towards the floor. Slightly raise the upper part of your body with your head towards the ceiling as higher as you can and as long as you’re comfortable. Don’t force yourself. Keep your hands next to your body and put them on your hips.
Do this exercise for 10 minutes. In this way you’ll successfully release your tense body especially the areas of your back and legs.

For a start 10 times is enough.
Repeat this exercise on a daily basis and gradually add more minutes. Eventually your back muscles will strengthen and you can finally say goodbye to the bad posture of your body.

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