The best 3 natural drinks for burning calories

Find out what are the three best drinks that speed up our metabolism, burn more calories and help us in losing weight.

  1. Cold water

Replace the lemon by several ice cubes, since cold drinks make the body release more energy in order to maintain the body temperature.
This means that consuming three big glasses of water during the day will burn up to 100 extra calories.
If you practice this every day during the whole year you may lose up to 8-11 pounds.

  1. Coffee

We can say that the coffee is a natural energy drink, and according to research, two to three coffees before doing workout will enable us to train longer and this naturally leads to burning of more calories.
Research says that those who had their coffee before exercising, endure 20 minutes more in their training.
However, we should remember that we must always consume our coffee without any milk or sugar if we want to achieve these results.

  1. Green tea

Not only is the green tea calorie-free, but it can also help us in burning fats and losing pounds. According to a recent research, it was proved that people who consumed 3 to 4 cups of green tea a day lost almost 6 pounds more than those who drank only water in the period of 2 months.
Another research showed that people who consume green tea in general have less pounds and thinner waist.

Always drink green tea and avoid artificial teas bought from the store. They contain a lot of sugars and less antioxidants.
You should also avoid additions to your green tea because in that way you can cause damage to your liver diva.

Go, burn calories today!

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