Cannabis Oil Cured Her Multiple Sclerosis

Shelja Daidzic of Sarajevo is one of the few people that do not fear to admit in the public that they have fought against multiple sclerosis by using cannabis oils although this oil is still banned in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She started experiencing the first symptoms when her sight became blurred, and occasionally she had leg and arm cramps. Everyone thought it was due to fatigue as a result of her overtime work or low sugar levels.

“I had severe headaches, so when I visited a doctor, he told me that I suffer from multiple sclerosis,” said Shelja.

She received 13 treatments in eight months, but none resulted in any kind of improvement. She had terrible attacks, and doctors at the hospital witnessed the terrible attacks she had experienced.

After consulting her husband, she decided to try cannabis oil. She found some information on the Internet about its use. They agreed to take  the oil outside the borders of Bosnia, although it was too expensive. After the first drop, she felt a slight improvement.

After some time of using the oil, nearly 80 percent of the symptoms of the disease disappeared.

“Everywhere in the world people with this diagnosis like mine, without any problems, can get such oil. Unfortunately, it is illegal in our country. We had to buy it on the black market. It was difficult, complicated and very expensive. The procurement itself, the shipping, the risk that it carries. We had to face it all, “she says.

One milliliter of this oil on the black market costs 30 euros, which means that in half a month or a month at least, you will need 300 euros, although it all depends on the person you are taking it from. “says this brave Bosnian woman.

This oil is rich in vitamins, omega 3-acids and vitamin supplements. It is very helpful for cancer patients and multiple sclerosis patients, as well as for some other diseases of this type.

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