The Peppermint Medicinal Massage Oil That Will Save You From Pain!

Every once in a while we all experience sore shoulder blade, a side-order, a neck that goes out or bad back. What to do when you are in pain? There is a super effective dries peppermint massage oil you can prepare it at your home. It can be very handy when you feel some kind of pain. When those muscles start to ache and tense up, massage in this medicinal oil for some therapeutic relaxation and herbal relief.

Method of preparation:

  • First, fill up a 1/3 of a clean jar with dried peppermint.
  • If you have other dried herbs at your home you can add some eucalyptus and rosemary. Just be careful and leave the top quarter of your jar empty.
  • The next step is adding some kind of body oil. You can add olive oil grape seed oil, almond oil or jojoba oil. Make sure that your oil covers your herbs by at least a few inches (meaning there was a few inches headspace empty from the top of your jar before you added your oil).
  • Shake the jar well and place in a spot where there is a direct sunlight. You can protect the jar by covering it with a paper bag.Leave it to stay for 2-3 weeks. Every 2 or 3 days shake the jar
  • 3 weeks later strain the oil using a lightweight cotton cloth and store it in a clean jar or bottle.

We hope this oil will be helpful. Share this recipe with your friends and family!

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