This Plant Will Keep All Insects And Rodents Away From Your Home!

Insects can be very annoying little things especially now during the summer days. There are numerous insect repellents we can buy in the markets, but why waste money when we can prepare one at home and it’s proved to be very effective!

This all-natural repellent will also make your home smell clean and fresh and it is a completely safe method of getting rid of insects and rodents.

Everything you need is just a fresh mint, an aromatic that is known both for its medicinal properties and fresh-smelling fragrance.

How to use it?

The process of preparation is very simple. You just need to prepare a strong-concentrated mint tea and store it into a bottle spray. Spray it all over the house: insects can’t stand the smell of mint.

This natural bug spray will keep all kinds of insects and rodents away from your home! You should certainly try this out !


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