Warning: Stop Using Garlic if you have one of these conditions

Although it has a very unpleasant smell, garlic is a very healthy herb. It can be used raw or as a food addition that gives meals a special taste. Garlic is also used for medical purposes.
Over the years, people have used garlic to treat and prevent various kinds of conditions and diseases. However, there are several groups of people who have some kind of condition and mustn’t use garlic (stop using garlic):

  1. People with liver problems

It is widely known that garlic is an antibacterial and antiviral food and it can kill bacteria and viruses, so people eat garlic in order to prevent hepatitis. People who already have hepatitis eat garlic every day to cure it. However, you should know that garlic cannot be used to treat or kill hepatitis virus.

Moreover, the exaggerated use of garlic can affect the digestion of food and can worsen many symptoms of hepatitis such as nausea and it can also cause anemia because some its components decrease red blood cells and hemoglobin.

  1. People suffering from non-bacterial diarrhea

If people who have diarrhea consume raw garlic, the harsh spicy taste of the garlic may stimulate intestines which can result in intestinal mucosal hyperemia and edema aggravation, and worsen the diarrhea.

  1. People with eye diseases

According to doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, the daily consumption of garlic in big amounts for a longer period of time can damage the liver and the eyes, and it can also cause tinnitus, hypopsia, memory loss, front heaviness, etc.

  1. Patients before surgery

Patients who will undergo a surgery should stop eating garlic at least two weeks before a scheduled surgery, because it might prolong bleeding.

  1. Pregnant women and Women breastfeeding

Garlic is likely safe to use during pregnancy if is consumed in normal amounts. There is not enough reliable information about the safety of using garlic on the skin during pregnancy or breast-feeding. So, garlic is possibly unsafe when it is used in medicinal amounts during pregnancy and when breast-feeding.

  1. People with low blood pressure

Since garlic can lower blood pressure, people suffering from low blood pressure are not recommended to consume it.

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