The Water Therapy – The Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach In The Morning

We are all aware and know the fact that drinking water offers plenty of health advantages and prevents various diseases.

Japanese people for thousands of years have this amazing habit of drinking water every morning on an empty stomach. This habit has become known and widespread from a Japanese newspaper after the Second World War.

According to scientists drinking water offers plenty of health advantages, and it prevents diseases. Also, it treats headaches, asthma, accelerated heartbeat, diabetes, heart issues, eye diseases, body aches, high cholesterol level, urinary tract problems, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, meningitis, menstrual pains etc…

How to do this water treatment

Once you get up in the morning, drink four (200ml) glasses of water. It may sound a lot, but that’s the measure Japanese drink. However, you can start by one glass and gradually get to 4 glasses of water.

After this you can brush your teeth. Be aware that you MST NOT consume anything for the next 45 minutes.

When the forty-five minutes pass, you’ll be able to consume  whatever you like. But, keep in mind to not drink or eat two hours after a meal. The most effective method is to start out the therapy slowly until you get to four glasses.

This therapy isn’t harmful and it does not cause any side effects. In contrary, it’s extraordinarily useful. According to people who have practiced this treatment, their inflammation disappeared in 10 days time.

Also, it will treat increased blood pressure and diabetes in thirty days, as well as constipation in only 10 days.

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