We All Have Lines On Our Wrist, And Here’s What Yours Say About You

It’s amazing how our bodies can carry a lot of secret messages. For example our palms have our life line that projects our destiny and health. Our palms also have the love line which shows how pure our hearts are.
Not only your palm, but your wrist also has some hidden messages that can tell you something about yourself, something you didn’t know.
The wrist actually has lines also known as bracelet lines and each of them has its own meaning. They are just waiting to be figured out.
The number of lines can indicate how long you will live.
If you have one line it is believed that you will have a shorter life or you will live no more than 28 years.
Two lines means 56 years at most, while three lines means 84 years.
Some people have even a fourth line which means a life longer than 84, but these are very rare.

Bracelet Line #1
The first wrist line is believed to be the most important one since it can signifies health problems in both men and women.
Take a look at your line: if it’s unbroken and clearly defined you can expect a healthy life.
If a woman has a broken line or curved line upward the palm she may have reproductive issues.
If a man has a broken line it ay signifies problems with his prostate.

Bracelet Line #2
The second bracelet line gives insight to your wealth expectations in life.
If the line is straight, unbroken and clearly defined you are lucky!! This indicates wealth, prosperity and happiness! On the other hand, a broken line signifies that happiness and wealth may be harder for you to achieve.

Bracelet Line #3
The third bracelet line relates to fame and power. A straight, strong and unbroken line means that you are likely to become an influential person of power. This might mean that you will be a leader or a famous person.

Bracelet Line #4 (RARE)
Consider yourself a lucky person if you have a fourth line, since this is very rare.
This line runs parallel to your third bracelet line, acting as reinforcement. It strengthens the fame aspects of your third line, making them even more applicable and likely.

How many bracelet lines do you have? Let us know!

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