What Your Toes Can Say About Your Character?


Reading personality from the feet is a Chinese and Indian tradition that has been practiced for thousands of years. According to this reading our feet are the mirror of our soul and body. In the picture above there are five types of feet and shapes of toes that determine one’s character. Find your own:

Number one. 1
Number five shows someone that is very  creative . People with this form  of toes are intelligent and always find creative solutions to any problem. Sometimes they can feel insecure and don’t finish what they’ve already started.

Number two: 2
These people are energetic and have creative potential. They always stand behind their beliefs.

Number three : 3
Famous for their leadership qualities. Their main objective in life is their success .They are also known for their perfectionism .There is an interesting fact about this shape of feet: Indian legends tell that a mother did not allow her sons to marry women whose  second toe on her foot was longer than the first. It was considered a sign of a bossy character.

Number four: 4

Their greatest value is their family and close friends. They are great listeners and sympathize with other’s people problems .Sometimes they take everything personal ,so this kind of empathy is often not good for them.

Number five: 5
Ambitious, but irresponsible. These people are fun and socially active, but very often naive like a child.

Which type are you? Find out and share it with your family and friends.


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