Why Do We Have To Have Sex More Often?

Is sex a natural occurrence? Well, scientists from across the world have come together to prove that sex is completely scientific, perhaps as technical as photosynthesis and here are some scientific facts about sexual contact

  1. Sex burns calories
  2. Lower cholesterol levels boost sex performance
  3. If you don’t cuddle after sex, you can’t satisfy your partner
  4. Some individuals are wired to have more sex

Want to find out more? Why we should have sex more often? There are numerous health benefits:


Emotional Benefits

Sex certainly is a very important part of a relationship, and it keeps the relationship alive and happy. Having sex with your partner helps you express your deepest emotions and feelings, and this results in developing a stronger, more intimate, healthy and happier relationship.

Sex boosts your mental stability

Sex has the power to release you from stress and help you regain the positivity in your darkest thoughts. Just cuddling can be the reason for the stimulation of oxytocin secretion which includes dopamine.

Physical Boost

Your physical health is also influenced by having sex more often. As we mentioned above sex burns calories, so it helps in weight loss. It also strengthens the cardiovascular system, hips, legs, back and other muscles and improves circulation.

Have sex and stay young forever

This especially applies to women. Sexual intercourse stimulates the secretion of the human growth hormone which makes your skin more elastic, making you look a few years younger.

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