What She Smears On Her Butt, Everyone Has At Home – But Nobody Uses It!

Mmm the smell of it in the morning! It simply wakes you up and a sip of it gives you energy throughout the day!
However, there are many more other interesting uses of the coffee. Some of them are cosmetic, while others will be handy in your own home!
We present you some of them!

  1. Use it as a natural cellulite-remedy

There are many expensive products on the market, but why not choose the cheap variety (find it at home) and make your own efficient anti-cellulite product? Just mix coffee grounds with coconut oil, and you will get the perfect product for anti-cellulite massage.

  1. Use it as soap

Coffee grounds can be an excellent soap alternative. You can use them as peeling for your skin and they can become very useful in your everyday skin care.

  1. Coffee grounds will enrich your hair

You can use coffee grounds for dyeing your hair. They will also make your hair grow healthier and thicker.

  1. Get rid of jowls

Mix coffee grounds with olive oil and apply it to the jowls or eye bags. They will disappear in no time.

  1. Use coffee grounds to ward-off ants, wasps and cats

All of these can’t stand the coffee smell, so you can put coffee grounds in a fire-safe jar and light it up, or you can just spread coffee grounds on the floor.

  1. Use coffee grounds in neutralizing your fridge odors

If you want to get rid of the odor in your fridge just put a cup of coffee grounds in it. It will neutralize the smell.

  1. Coffee grounds are excellent cleaners

They are excellent for cleaning pots and pans and removing grill rust. They provide good abrasion and that’s why they are good alternative for any kind of cleaning product.

  1. Use coffee grounds in getting rid of fleas from your pet

Just apply moist coffee grounds on the fur of your pet to get rid of fleas and to protect it from further infestation. It will also leave your pet smelling nice as the coffee grounds will neutralize any odor on its fur.

Source: supertastyrecipes.com

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